Our Values


Connect the dots between beauty, body, and mind

MULTI is pushed the boundaries of traditional product development by balancing holistic and clinical ideology, aspiring towards sustainability and intentional ingredient decision making through current ingredient research and collaborative consumer insight.



Community led formulas: inspired by the human experience, listening to what our community wants

Interconnected ingredients: throughout our formulas (we use certain ingredients throughout our products in order to create an overall story and demonstrate the multiplicity of certain ingredients - connecting the dots, if you will)

Our hero products are tested: we test in a plethora of ways from third party clinical studies to consumer studies, since we value both clinical and anecdotal evidence.

Science-forward/intentional: we formulate our products with a balance of being innovative and efficient, and we also acknowledge that “”clean”” isn’t a regulated term. Therefore, we stay away from ingredients that are scientifically proven to be harmful on a wide scale, and always err on the side of caution in the best interest of our consumers.

Led by BIPOC experts: we craft our consumer studies, formulas, and any large scale scientific decisions alongside practitioners that center their work on redefining the health & wellness experience.


Community building around wellness looking different for different folks and seeing ourselves in wellness


Believing in being transparent about our pricing, (link to blog post), ingredient sourcing, etc


We're always working towards being more sustainable with impact at top of mind.

We promise to disclose the percentage of recyclable matter of the product packaging and the sustainability of ingredients.