is the future of wellness. Female founded by Black + Asian third culture kids


A Filipinx entrepreneur, Vietnamese creative and Ghanian chemist enter a chat. They bond over the experiences of growing up kids of immigrants and how restrictive, one dimensional and unrelatable the wellness industry feels because it was never made with them in mind.

The honest truth is that Mal, Nina + AJ were tired of being treated like an afterthought. They dreamed of a wellness brand that would usher in the future of wellness and recenter it around feeling good with people like them in mind.

After a lifetime of waiting, they decided to create it themselves. Who says that wellness can't be science driven, future focused, holistic in approach and design forward? MULTI is the future of wellness ☻


You deserve wellness. In fact, wellness belongs to you, it always has. Our approach to wellness starts with the understanding that your beauty, body, and mind are interconnected.

The problem is that health and wellness are treated as a fragmented system, when in reality, everything is interconnected. MULTI focuses on healing from the inside AND out by treating your symptoms and root causes.

Who we are

9+ years of experience in business development, strategy, marketing, brand development, and creative direction in the wellness, skincare, and fashion industries. Has worked with and collaborated with brands and companies including Nike, Glossier, Reebok, Shopify, Spotify, and more. Headed marketing and brand development at mid-stage Canadian fashion startup, Oak + Fort, through their first major e-commerce and retail brand expansion into the USA. Driven by her experiences with leaky gut, IBS, and chronic skin conditions (like acne, eczema, and psoriasis), she has spent the last decade learning about, and healing, her skin, body, and mind. She hopes MULTI can allow others to do the same.

Mal Tayag


5+ years of experience in community building, corporate relations, and product research as a content creator, organically growing her social media channels to a collective reach of over 200K, with over 11 million views on Youtube. Built strong relationships with companies such as Dyson, Lululemon, Bumble, Doordash, Pandora, and Sephora with whom she was a face of their “We Belong to Something Beautiful” campaign. As an influencer she is gifted products from hundreds of brands which has given her signifcant insight into product research and customer experience. This experience drives her extreme passion for creating a meaningful, effective, impactful, and intentional wellness brand that sets itself apart from the rest.

Nina Huynh


Cosmetic chemist, dermatological research scientist, and Northeastern University alum, Member of the Society of Cosmetic Chemists Southwest Chapter, and the Skin of Color Society. Her research has appeared in the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology. She was also a research presenter at the American Society of Dermatologic Science conference. Worked as a cosmetic formulator for a medical grade, physician-dispensed skin care company, as well as a formulation and research scientist in the Biomaterials Design Lab at Northeastern University. AJ is driven by her passions for innovating in the skincare and wellness spaces, and formulating products that prioritize BIPOC.

AJ Addae


Our Advisors

Dr. Bryant Esquejo, ND believes that experiences enrich lives and influence happiness. He also sees health, wellness, and bodily function being connected to how much a person is able to fully experience moments. Dr. Bryant seeks to identify the root causes of ailments to get your body back to optimum functioning so that you can return to living an experience-rich life.

Dr. Bryant Esquejo


10+ years of experience growing startups into giants. In her previous experience with Anchor, she helped grow the company from a Series B startup to an acquisition by Spotify, all in less than a year. Previous to Spotify and Anchor, Anna managed Brand Marketing at VSCO, and ran her own creative agency in NY.

Anna Sian

Marketing at Shopify

Working in VC backed high growth tech, she is currently the SVP of Finance and Ops at NFT Marketplace, Voice, who have raised $150m. She was alsso a part of the core team that led Lightspeed to one of North America’s most successful IPOs in 2019, and Canada’s largest tech IPO in almost a decade. (NYSE:LSPD).

Jaclyn Ting

Senior VP at Voice