FEEL GOOD FUND Philanthropy is more than just donating money. It’s embedded in our company culture.

3% For Our Youth

Everything we do is driven by the sole mission to feel good, do good. Investing in financially disadvantaged BIPOC youth hits close to home and aligns with our values and pillars.

You see, investing in our youth creates a ripple effect of positive change. Cause when they feel good, they’ll do good: for themselves, those around them and their surroundings. Don't believe us? We're living proof ☻

Our Values & Pillars

We have no agenda here. I mean, our products are made with you in mind, they actually work and they're hella cute – but buy our products or not: we just want you to feel good, whatever that means to you ☻

This looks like what we eat, how we move and when we rest. We proudly partner with BIPOC owned organizations and businesses that take up space in an industry that long excludes our participation and ignores our influence.

Our investors are our community: 99% BIPOC, 93% Women and 30% LGBTQIA2S+, most of which are first time investors. MULTI is our opportunity to disrupt the startup landscape and filter generational wealth back into our communities because we deserve it. Read more HERE.

We don't market ourselves as a "sustainable" brand even though it informs everything we do, because we believe sustainability is a minimum requirement. It's an active pursuit towards intentionality, innovation and consiousness. Simply put, we're just an option – and a really good one at that.