Connect the dots through community, wellness starts here

A group chat for our community to delve into what it truly means to FEEL GOOD - anytime, anywhere. Radical joy is goal & connecting the dots is the key.

When you feel good, you do good, for yourself, for those around you, for your environment.

When you feel good, you do good, for yourself, for those around you, for your environment.

What You Get

  • Curated wellness & feel good topics for maximum enjoyment

  • Post rooms for engaging forum style conversation & easy to find information

  • If Facebook groups, Slack & Reddit had a baby (but way cooler) ☻

  • Video & audio rooms to hang out anytime anywhere

  • Organized, private and built for genuine connection

  • Full-featured chat complete with @s, threaded replies, reactions, GIFs, attachments, polls, pins, and typing

When you feel good, you do
for yourself, for those around
you, for your environment

Why The Dotcom

  • Exclusive BTS access to the Multi team & founders

  • Exclusive insights from our team, experts, practitioners and

  • Lab samples and product previews before they launch

  • Exclusive swag just for the Dotcom community

  • Personalized Multi discount code

  • Curated community of likeminded people with shared
    interests in health, wellness, skincare & bodycare


Apply to join

Anyone can apply, any time. New applicants are reviewed and accepted every month. This allows us to optimize the experience, make tweaks as we go and continue to grow and expand our community at a pace that’s comfortable for everyone.


Look out for an email

Once you’ve been accepted, you’ll get an email with next steps on how to offically join. For more questions, refer to our FAQ below.


Who should join?

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