Wellness With: Everyday Humans

Wellness With: Everyday Humans


Wellness is not just wellness, it’s wellbeing. Wellness is holistic, and personal. We love hearing how others define wellness for themselves, so we’ve decided to check in with the Everyday Humans team and hear what wellness means to some of their team members.


What is one wellness product you cannot live without? 

Weims, Lead Graphic Designer: Probiotics !!! 😫

Lorraine, Influencer & Partnerships Associate: Healthy food / skincare

Kirsten, Social Media Associate: Melatonin! Sleep is sacred. Making sure that I don’t stay up late and wake up feeling tired due to unnecessary overthinking is a must.

Argo, Copywriter: My emotional support water bottle. And my anti-hangover supplements whenever I go out drinking because I’m approaching geriatric Zillennial and don’t have the same stamina.

Marbles, Growth Marketing Associate: Nintendo switch! I can live in Legend of Zelda and forage away stress.



What wellness habit do you swear by? 

Weims, Lead Graphic Designer: Working out or taking a long walk, best way to calm the overthinking mind 🧠

Lorraine, Influencer & Partnerships Associate: Some wellness habits that I like to do is taking a break once in a while by going to the beach, or anywhere that has more greens or nature in general! Other wellness habits that i do is taking a moment to reflect in prayer, and playing calming music.

Kirsten, Social Media Associate: Finding a workout / any physical activity to commit to takes time! Before I started learning and being consistent with playing volleyball, I did every workout program available online or whatever is recommended by my friends. I’d get so frustrated whenever I quit and blamed myself for not being ‘disciplined’ enough, but the truth is those physical activities just weren’t for me! Be patient with yourself, you’ll find what feels good and fun and not a chore.

Argo, Copywriter: 
Wellness isn’t always expensive spa days and sleeping in. Sometimes it’s less pretty (but equally important), like not skipping that doctor’s appointment for the nth time lol.

Marbles, Growth Marketing Associate: Morning walk to look at trees or exercising. I feel sane seeing the greenery. It keeps my mind calm.



What would you like to see more of, from the wellness space? 

Weims, Lead Graphic Designer: More ways to cultivate simple wellness routines for people with busy lives / frequent travels. 

Lorraine, Influencer & Partnerships Associate: More accessible mental health support and wellness retreats from companies too.

Kirsten, Social Media Associate: Removing the stigma behind doing nothing (for a day or even longer). Just because you have a free day it doesn’t mean you have to do something wild or productive. If it’s taking a nap and watching Netflix all day that feels right, then that’s wellness too!

Argo, Copywriter: 
I’d like to see more brands decolonize wellness practices and acknowledge and celebrate their roots (looking at you, whitewashed yoga)! That also means making them more accessible and inclusive, regardless of status, race, body type, etc.

Marbles, Growth Marketing Associate: I’d like to see martial arts as a form of meditation. I think being one with the mind and body to show yourself you’re in control of your life is helpful to keep you grounded and sane from the stress of everyday living.


A big thank you to the Everyday Humans team for sharing what wellness looks like to them. Though we may sound like a broken record by now, we want to reiterate that wellness looks different for everybody and wellness can be simple and fun. Most of all, wellness is feeling good -- inside, and out. 


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