Supplement Habits

Supplement Habits


At MULTI, a question that we’re endlessly curious about is “What does it mean to feel good?” Our research department attempts to answer this question through two angles:

  1. Clinical research evidence
  2. Anecdotal (community) research evidence

While clinical research is vast and abundant, it’s hard to fully rely on this without anecdotal evidence, and vice versa. Therefore, we surveyed you all to further understand your supplement habits and get insight into developing the best supplements in order to make you feel good. We’d love to share a few stats regarding the research we’ve performed on our community:

  • 87% of you have food intolerances such as dairy, gluten, wheat, and so on.
  • 93% of you don’t know how to truly determine whether a supplement is working.
  • 72% of you ignore your food and gut intolerances.
    • 44% of these folks answered that they ignore their intolerances because “Feeling all of the negative effects are just normal to me now. so I just live with them and power through”
  • 61% of you mentioned that you simply do nothing about your food intolerances.

This is just a snippet of the data that we collected on our community’s supplement habits. We love data because it tells a story and evidently shows us the gaps that we need to fill with our products here at MULTI. Believe it or not, these are actually super normal supplement habits, and quite on par with data in peer reviewed journals that observe sentiments on supplement and gut habits.

Therefore, we arrive at the main question – what can MULTI do to solve this problem? As we round out our supplement formulations, we would love to loop the community in in order to truly to get to the bottom of this. Stay tuned as we continue our scientific journey discovering what it truly means to make our community feel good and do good.

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