This is MULTI's Stance on Science

This is MULTI's Stance on Science

Author: AJ Addae Date:

A word from MULTI’s Chief Scientific Officer: AJ Addae. We believe in developing daily wellness essentials inspired by the multifaceted human body. Or, as I like to fondly call it in our team meetings: “the bio-to-body approach.” This means that we take some of the most important molecules & structures necessary for our bodies (such as our bacteria and enzymes), examine both the clinical and anecdotal evidence around their holistic effects, and repackage them into usable, sleek, approachable wellness essentials. 

My scientific background is in dermatologic clinical research, formulation chemistry, and in-vitro research. However, my experience in this field has shown me that traditional conversations around wellness and beauty are very much informed by parameters and investigators that tend to leave out the ultimate question of: what does it really mean to harness the power of science to help people feel better

As mentioned earlier, building this beautiful wellness empire has been an intentional balance of clinical information and anecdotal consumer information. We believe in a multifaceted scientific approach that ultimately impacts and empowers people. The way we approach data analysis, consumer research, advisorship, and research, is all informed by health and wellness through balancing holistic and clinical practices, and ultimately, by you. I’m thrilled to write this letter that officially addresses MULTI’s scientific positioning on a few things you may be wondering about.

On Clean Beauty

In the US (where we operate), the FDA is the ultimate authority that regulates everything regarding the formulation and messaging around cosmetics. As you may know, there is no official definition of what it means for cosmetics to be clean. We aim to be both critical and socially responsible in how we approach our formulations alongside our advisors, ingredient suppliers, testing labs, and decades of research. Therefore, we practice intentional ingredient decision making that exists on the intersection of scientific innovation aiming to push the boundaries of traditional skincare and wellness product development as we know it, while acknowledging a very real concern of being critical about what is institutionally permitted to be put in and on our bodies.

On Ingredient Transparency

We believe that true ingredient transparency would require us to disclose each and every ingredient’s origin, percentage, sourcing, and regulatory specifications. This would obviously be lengthy, inaccessible to the average consumer, and in some cases, a violation of proprietary information. However, we want to keep you in the loop. Therefore, we vow to share the following information in regards to our formulation and formulation process in the efforts to build trust and a mutual relationship with our community:

- Inviting a selected group of consumers (with varying ages, ethnicities, buying personas, and ingredient preferences) on each product development journey to witness and inform the product development journey in real time.

- Disclosure of which ingredients are from “natural” and “organic” origin by ECOCERT and traditional classification standards, with documentation from ingredient suppliers to confirm this.

- Disclosure on what consumer safety testings we have done on which products such as, but not limited to:

- Physician approval (i.e. Dermatologist approved, Naturopathic Doctor approved)

- Derma-testing, such as but not limited to hypoallergenicity, sensitivity, and comedogenicity tests

- Full disclosure ingredient lists, as well as notifications to our consumers on when and if ingredient lists change in the event of reformulation, as well as the following product specifications: pH and ingredient changes above that exceed a 1% change of the formula

On Sustainability

We believe that sustainability should always remain the standard from as many angles as possible of product development. Therefore, to keep you in the loop, we vow to disclose the percentage of recyclable matter of the product packaging and a biodegradability profile of our products.

From us to you, we hope to learn with you, and grow alongside you in your wellness journey. We can’t wait to connect through product development and your insight. 

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