MULTI's Brand Pillars

MULTI's Brand Pillars

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Founders here checking in. It's taken us a little time to really hone in on who we are as a brand. We knew what we wanted to do, but it's one thing to have abstract ideas in your mind. It's a whole other thing to organize those thoughts into succinct communication, and then to take those pillars and create a brand and product and team...we can go on and on. Needless to say, it is A LOT. Luckily, we've reached a point of clarity, and so we present to you our Brand Pillars ☻ aka our guiding force, the core things from which we develop everything MULTI.

1. SYNERGY: Wellness starts and ends with YOU.

Synergy between feeling good internally, and externally. Connecting the dots between ingestible and topical. Ingredients inspired by nature and found within you – (which then brings in our BIO 2 BODY approach when it comes to our formulations, but more on that later).

2. PEOPLE FIRST: Products inspired by YOU.

Our brand and products are inspired by your needs and concerns. Made to work for you and with you. Made to empower your own wellness journey because wellness belongs to you.

3. DESIGN FORWARD: A MULTI-Sensorial experience for YOU.

You deserve products that work, but also products that don’t compromise on design, quality, feel, and joy. You deserve MULTItudes, you deserve to feel good.

We wanted to keep these as simple as possible, and easy to comprehend. We hope this gives you a little deeper insight as to who we are as a brand, and what's coming to you from us in the future <3

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