2022 Feel Good Fund Partner: SMART

2022 Feel Good Fund Partner: SMART

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The Feel Good Fund was dreamt up at one of our first co-founder meetings. It has always been our collective mission to create maximum impact at every level of wealth redistribution and philanthropy. So when we say that we’re creating a new kind of blueprint for how business is done, we weren’t playing y’all! The Feel Good Fund houses all of our philanthropic efforts and to kick off our first year, we have chosen to donate 3% of sales in 2022 to a cause near and dear to our hearts.

3% For Our Youth

At MULTI, everything we do is driven by the sole mission to Feel Good, Do Good. Investing in financially disadvantaged BIPOC youth aligns with all of our values and pillars – because when they feel good, they’ll do good for themselves, those around them and their surroundings. In short, investing in our youth creates a ripple effect of positive change in our future.

Introducing SMART 

There are so many wonderful things I can say about SMART and all the work that they do but I’ll save that for my personal experiences as a SMART Alum. Their mission statement says it best: “SMART champions education equity by supporting students in overcoming systemic barriers on their journey to a college degree”. Committed to community building, equity, learning and empowering San Francisco’s youth, we are proud to be donating to their cause this year.

Hi It’s Me, a SMART Alum

The program has grown and evolved since my time there but I was an active member of SMART from 4th grade to 12th grade. It was through this program that I was able to receive a better education as well as all the tools, mentorship, resources and community I needed to not only get into university but also thrive once I got there.

I remember thinking to myself in middle school that one day I was going to find monetary success one day and be able to donate back to this program that has given me so much. I know first hand the impact that this program has had on not only my life but those of my peers.

So know that with every MULTI product you purchase, 3% is being donated to help serve our community. Thanks for helping us in creating a world that is truly helping people feel good, do good.

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