Meet Hike Clerb: An Intersectional Women’s Hike Club

Meet Hike Clerb: An Intersectional Women’s Hike Club

Author: Nina Huynh Photography: @FrancoTheHumanDate:

Wellness is about feeling good. That includes feeling seen in the activities that bring us joy and for a long time, the outdoors have long excluded people of colour. It is for this very reason that Hike Clerb emerged out of necessity in 2017. Hike Clerb is an LA based intersectional women’s hike club and 501c(3) and a radical solution to the lack of representation in the outdoors. Founder Evelynn Escobar wanted to create a space for folks to come together and heal in nature by making the outdoors accessible. 

Throughout the years, they have partnered with a number of notable organizations, changemakers and brands to help bring their mission to life. MULTI is very proud to have partnered with Hike Clerb on a hike last weekend in celebration of AAPI month co-hosted by Sari Sari Studio and Kim Saira. We have also pledged to donate $1 for every play of in which the funds will be split between Hike Clerb and other organizations in support of Trans and BIPOC folks as part of our larger philanthropic initiative, the Feel Good Fund.

Learn more and support Hike Clerb here

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