Meet For The Gworls: A Black Trans Collective Raising Funds Through Parties

Meet For The Gworls: A Black Trans Collective Raising Funds Through Parties

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Some of the most incredible work is done at a grassroots level – when folks from within a community are the ones to decide how to best support their own community. The story of For The Gworls is nothing short of inspirational. It speaks to the true power and strength of community and proof that you never know where a simple idea can lead you.

How It All Started

It started out in 2019, when Founder Asanni Armon threw a 4th of July party on a hot summer day in Brooklyn. They wanted to help raise funds for two friends facing eviction and with the support of their community, their first party was a massive success. They began throwing monthly parties with the goal of raising money to help Black trans people pay for rent and gender-affirming surgeries and the rest is history. Since then, For The Gworls have raised over $1 Million dollars that go directly into the hands of those they are serving. 

Meet Asanni

Asanni Armon is a Black, genderqueer artist, party curator, up and coming rapper and founder of For The Gworls. For Asanni, curating parties to help support their community was not just a random idea – it's a solution that has been woven into the fabric of their culture. They see the club as a safe haven for Black transgender people and therefore believe it should be used as a tool to sustain Black trans livelihood.


MULTI is very proud to have pledged to donate $1 for every play of in which the funds will be split between For The Gworls and other organizations in support of Trans and BIPOC folks as part of our larger philanthropic initiative, the Feel Good Fund.

Learn more and support For The Gworls here 

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