Meet Dr. B -- our ND advisor

Meet Dr. B -- our ND advisor


Meet Dr. Bryant, our incredible ND advisor and genius. For all of our Dotcom members, you’ll be meeting him this Wednesday at our Dotcom-exclusive live podcast recording + Q&A. To get access to our interviews with industry experts apply for our Dotcom here.

What made you want to start a practice?

With Naturopathic medicine, there are no hospitals who hire us — it's either working for a clinic or doing your own clinic. At the time, nobody was hiring, so I was like fuck it I’m gonna do my own Clinic. This was in 2016, and I graduated in 2016, so I figured why not.

However with owning a business, I learned this step by step. I got a business licence and I learned that you have to follow laws and learn tax law, so I did that too. But honestly, starting the practice was the most challenging. Like the first year, nobody knows about you, and it’s just like hustling, getting your name out there. But I did it all through social media. 


How did you find your niche on social media?

I always understood what LA wants because I’m from LA, and here, in regards to health, and it’s really about how you look. LA is very superficial so I pivoted to the message that how you look is informed by your inner health. Ultimately, it’s Aesthetics from a holistic perspective.

We noticed you take a lot of vacations — how!?

Vacations are a commitment to yourself in regards to self care, and it’s a good way to recharge. I recognized in the first two years at my practice that I didn’t really travel much. But when I give myself a break, I feel more creative. I feel like I can be more present with patients. It’s all about recognizing when it’s time to take a break. A lot of practitioners don’t know to do that because they’re running a business or you’re an employee. But every quarter I like to take a vacation and every month I like to take 2 days off. 


What were your biggest challenges in your ND journey?

Having your own business, the first two years you’re doubting yourself a lot. There’s a lot going on with my mental health — I was my main battle. Looking back, I wish I got a business degree. I wish I had that know-how running the practice, and we’re just taught medicine. It takes a lot out of you, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually.

Is there a Dr B outside of this? Or is this your life?

I feel like what I’m doing is my purpose. Yeah I’m an ND, but I’m more than that. I’m recognizing that — the way I’m portraying myself to the public is also like a fulfilment of a mission. I recognize that a lot of people aren’t being heard from their doctor and this is what I can offer to them. It’s also like, I’m finding joy in just changing how people perceive medicine. It’s just really fun. It’s like yeah there’s natural medicine and conventional medicine and helping the people see the value in both — right now I feel like the way I’m portraying my content is that you can see the gray zone. I feel like in medicine right now that it’s either or and I’m really trying to change that.


Fun fact — Dr B’s brother Mark is also an influencer! You can follow him at @grey_bottoms where he displays hat pictures.

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