How We Made: The Case

How We Made: The Case

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The Case was always an opportunity to express our creativity and a way to differentiate ourselves from other brands. So much of our team’s backgrounds lie in creative fields; from creative direction, production, photography, videography, graphic design, and more, MULTI as a brand has become an avenue for us to be able to experiment. This is how we came to decide all things about the case.

The Shape

The shape of our case, which we are so uniquely calling, THE CASE (haha) was inspired by multiple things. When we began we didn’t have a designer, or budget for one, at the time who could render shape options for us. Instead we turned to forming the shape ourselves from clay. 

I knew we wanted something unique yet natural, so took a lot of inspiration from my love of natural forms like the flows and movement of liquids. In a way the shape mimics a puddle. At the same time I love the curves of bodies, something I love shooting as a photographer. Bringing together the common theme of curves I got inspired by Alvar Aalto Vases, and sculptures by Mario Brancusi and Jean Arp. On top of all of that, we intentionally made it ergonomically shaped, so that it  fits snugly in the palm of your hands and feels comfortable for your fingers to wrap around. A common quote from everyone who held her for the first time: “Whoa.”

The Material

Sustainability for us as a brand is something that we are constantly actively working on. We know we are not perfect, and we can’t deny the fact that us being a consumer product goods brand means we are contributing to waste. With that said we would never hide behind the guise of sustainability and/or use sustainability as a marketing tool.

We believe that sustainability, or the active pursuit of creating products that are more intentional towards their impact on this earth and its inhabitants, should be the baseline for any CPG business. We also are well aware that sustainable practices need money, so we try our best with what resources we have to do what we can at this moment, while always actively learning and committing to doing better as we grow in both resources and capacity. So how about our case and its raw materials? What about our manufacturing? We still have work to do here, but this is where we’re at.

Our case is made of 100% metal alloy. This was an intentional decision in thinking ahead to the future. Our dream would be to have closed loop systems with as many products as we can. Our case being made of metal allows for the opportunity to re-use its materials. We in no way are close to having this kind of technology, nor the budget to create it for our biz (yet), however it’s something we hope the future holds. This would mean that in the future our community would be able to return their cases back to us, and they would in turn be melted down and repurposed into more cases, or other products.

The Manufacturing

So what about our manufacturing? We don’t shy away from informing people that the first product we are launching is manufactured in China. We understand that some people have issues with this, and we hear them. For us, with our timeline and with the customization we needed (our case is 100% custom designed), the most affordable option for us was manufacturing in China. Our hopes are to find a manufacturing company that is national (to the USA) that we can work with in the future so that all of our products are produced closer in proximity to our HQ.

We also realize this poses issues with carbon emissions, which is one of the main reasons manufacturing nationally for all of our products is a goal. We are actively working towards carbon neutral certifications (which you can’t get certified until you’ve been in operations for 1 year) and with this constantly thinking about how we can work to further optimize our production ops.

The Function

How do you use THE CASE? Pop her open like a compact and pack your MULTI PATCH sheets inside. We know storing pimple patches can be a bit of a tricky thing, so our patch sheets are sized exactly to the case. Our team has also been finding fun ways to use their cases: for their coin, their supplements, and other cheeky things ☻

Sign up for our waitlist to be one of the first to get THE MULTI PATCH + CASE. We can’t wait for you to hold it for yourselves.

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