How to Use The MULTI Patch

How to Use The MULTI Patch

Author: AJ Addae Date:

You may think using the MULTI Patch is simple...and well, it is. However, there is an art to it, especially since you don't want to be wasting any smiles. Here are the best practices when using your MULTI Patch to make sure it works as well as we know it does!

Clean skin is key!

1. First thing’s first: Apply on clean skin! Hydrocolloid works by absorbing the fluid and oil out of a blemish upwards into the patch. Therefore, it’s important to apply the patch on freshly cleaned and dried skin in order to get to the root of the problem quickly.

Don't try to mix it up

2. It may sound clever to apply the patch on top of a spot treatment like salicylic acid for maximum absorption, but this is actually counterintuitive. The patch is then working to absorb both the fluid and oil from a blemish, and the product. This can result in less than optimal results.

6-8 hours

3.Wear it for its recommended time. For the MULTI patch, we recommend you to wear it for 6-8 hours. Wearing a patch for too long actually puts you at risk of over-occlusion and unfavorably trapping the dirt and oil from a blemish.