How the MULTI Patch Elevates the Hydrocolloid Experience

How the MULTI Patch Elevates the Hydrocolloid Experience


We might be biased, but we’re huge fans of hydrocolloid patches. In fact, we’re such huge fans that we sought out to create the best and happiest non-active hydrocolloid patch to ever touch your face. We’ve asked it, you’ve asked it – everyone is pondering the golden question: What makes the MULTI patch better than your average hydrocolloid patch?

We’ve tested tons of non-active hydrocolloid patches while in development. And what we’ve found is that the MULTI patch boasts an enhanced thickness and mechanical design that allows the patch to stick for longer, and absorb more fluid than the average hydrocolloid patch. When you have a patch that falls off easier, doesn’t stick very well, or is thinner than normal, it might be difficult for the hydrocolloid material to fully perform up to our expectations. 

Conversely, we’re also huge fans of patches that have microneedle properties, such as those on the market containing salicylic acid or hyperpigmentation actives embedded into the patch. However, while these actives may not always be universal (but can be super helpful. iykyk) – we knew that a reliable, happy, beautifully packaged hydrocolloid patch would be. Our goal was to create a patch that can be used on any skin barrier weak moment – whether it’s a small bug bite, a small cut, a blemish, or where a happy pick-me-up is needed. NGL, we love it. 

And, it looks like you love it too. ;)

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