Wellness With Zuleyyma: Afro-Metis Indigenous Queer Photographer

Wellness With Zuleyyma: Afro-Metis Indigenous Queer Photographer

Author: Nina Huynh Photography: Taby ChengDate:
People need to know your name! Your work is absolutely incredible. Please Introduce yourself ☻ 

Hi my name is Zuleyyma, I am an afro-metis indigenous queer photographer from Vancouver, BC. I am a big enthusiast of art, dressing up and being active in your community. My sister, Prado Monroe, and I own THOTFUL Studios located in Vancouver, BC and have been building up the space to host BIPOC, LGBTQ2S+ and black artists for FREE. Our mission is artist knowledge, awareness of their own business and independence. I pride myself in my songwriting, coordinating and the original photo edits I do for artist rollouts. 

What does it truly mean to feel good?

I think what it truly means to feel good is to step into my power from head to toe, smiling, and seeing my goals and dreams clearly.

What does feeling good look like to you?

I think what feeling good looks like to me is having my skincare on lock, my braids laid and glowing in the most vivacious way.

What makes you feel good?

I believe what makes me feel good is when I am creating artwork that really speaks to my audience and also being able to be a voice and face for my communities, within the cities I live in.

How do you define doing good?

I think doing good is when you are able to inspire and uplift the people around you no matter what.

What does it truly mean to do good?

I think doing good truly means finding your rhythm in this world, being able to walk in that energy and rock it.

Please support Zuleyyma's work HERE and HERE ☻ 

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