Wellness With Taylor Lee: âpihtaw’kos’ân kihci okimâskwîsis Artist

Wellness With Taylor Lee: âpihtaw’kos’ân kihci okimâskwîsis Artist

Author: Nina Huynh Photography: Taby ChengDate:

Meet Taylor Leean âpihtaw’kos’ân kihci okimâskwîsis artist who belongs to the Saint Laurent De Grandin Métis Settlement community located on Treaty 6 in saskatchewan. In their artistic practice, Taylor uses visual and linguistic mediums to tell her story and stories of their people. Taylor’s lens centers complexity of her subject matter, refusing one-dimensional representation of women and trauma. Their work showcases joy and possibility through themes of identity, culture and kin. Taylor allows her stories to be expansive, encouraging the audience to envision: resistance as love, beauty as honesty, and care as critical for Indigenous futures.  

What does it truly mean to feel good?

To me, feeling good means feeling free, free to make my own choices, free to follow my own intuition, free to listen to my body and what it’s telling me. Feeling good means feeling like I can do anything I want.

What does feeling good look like?

Feeling good looks like different things on different days. Feeling good looks like letting myself decide what that means on that day.

What makes you feel good?

Things that make me feel good include, skateboarding, dancing, moving, listening to music. Things that make me feel good are drumming with my community. Things that make me feel good are being in connection and community with people.

How do you define doing good?

I think to me I’ve been learning how to define doing good by starting within and by starting to learn how to take care of myself really deeply and truly and I think that that care naturally ripples out from a full place and I think that that to me is doing good.


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