Feeling Good With Kayah George: Gender-fluid Activist & Filmmaker

Feeling Good With Kayah George: Gender-fluid Activist & Filmmaker

Author: Nina Huynh Photography: Taby ChengDate:

Meet Kayah George: gender-fluid activist and filmmaker making art out of their activism. They are currently working on a short film about their connection to the water and land they grew up on. We are so grateful for the opportunity to chat with them about what feeling good and doing good looks like to them.

What does it truly mean to feel good?

I think feeling free, feeling like you can be yourself is what really feels good to me.

What does feeling good look like to you?

I think it looks like smiling and breathing and being connected to others and being connected to yourself and expressing yourself whether that’s hair, clothes, anything, makeup. 

What makes you feel good?

I think dancing makes me feel good, I think being myself makes me feel good. I think when I can act and be exactly who I am no matter what other people think that makes me feel the most good. Being fully genuine to myself.  

How do you define doing good?

Hm, I think it’s when you’re taking care of yourself and those around you, when you have respect for yourself and for all of those around you both human and non-human. I think that’s when you’re really doing good. When you’re doing good for the world and yourself and for the future generation, the next seven generations. And being a voice for the voiceless, that's what makes me feel good, is helping others who may have been through hard things and helping them feel safe and secure and free.

What does it truly mean to do good?

I think it truly comes down to treating others how you want to be treated, I think it comes down to reciprocity living in a world of reciprocity and joy and letting people be who they want to be and express themselves how they want and seeing yourself in them and seeing yourself in their differences I think that’s what really truly doing good is, being compassionate and empathetic towards one another.

Please join us in supporting Sacred Trust, an organization led by Kayah's nation to protect their community and water.

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