Becoming MULTI: The Story Behind Our Name

Becoming MULTI: The Story Behind Our Name

Author: Nina Huynh Photography: Multi ArchivesDate:

MULTI wasn't always MULTI – It used to be STUNT. To understand why the name changed, we have to go back to the beginning.

S is for STUNT

It was the middle of summer 2021 and one of Vancouver’s wildest heat waves. Talk of the pandemic was still in the air but people were slowly starting to venture out and experience things like parties, travel and one night stands again. There was excitement all around and it really felt like people were ready to leave their homes and step into their full, beautiful, truest selves. When our co-founder & CEO Mal began ideating everything that MULTI could be, she was in the thick of this energy.

Mal was thinking of naming our wellness brand SOFT, but it just didn’t feel 100% cause personally she didn’t subscribe to that aesthetic or persona so her good friend proposed the name STUNT. A vibe, an energy, an attitude. And it seemed like a great fit.

By the time I joined the conversation a couple weeks later we were running with the name. We made our logo, set up our Slack and started ideating all the things that STUNT could be. But as we began to really hone in on our mission statement, we found it more and more difficult to enmesh the name and the vision for the brand. And full transparency, STUNT is AAVE (African-American Vernacular English) and it didn’t feel right using the name without Mal’s friend involved in the company so we decided to go back to the drawing board.

MULTI was Meant to Be

This is where MULTI begins. Mal texted me one night and we discussed the decision to change the name. As Mal stepped away from her phone, I began frantically brainstorming any name that came to mind, knowing we would find the perfect name somewhere after the first 100 bad ones. At that point we knew that MULTI was multifaceted in that it treated your symptoms and your root cause, it looked at you as a person and our health holistically and we would be creating skincare, supplements and body care. So here’s how it went:


Looking back I am surprised I came up with MULTI on the second try. I mean the brand really could have almost been called GRAVY – just kidding, Mal would have never let that happen haha. But MULTI just felt right. It says everything we want it to say and so much more.

Inspired by the popularity of multivitamins in the 90s, I wanted a way to bring wellness back into our generation and redefine it. We talk a lot about how wellness doesn’t feel representative of us, our identities and our communities – this was a way to rewrite the story and create a new blueprint for the wellness industry. We also loved that we ourselves were multifaceted and multicultural and our products would always strive to be multifunctional. And that’s the story of how MULTI came to be.

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